BoxelBot Platform Game

A hand made game

BoxelBot is a cute, small, fun and angry robot that lives in a world made of box elements and powered for sources of energy PowerBoxes. The player controls the robot and it needs achieve three PowerBoxes per level. In order to complete a level it needs to bring the robot to their spaceship. Once cleared several levels a mission-builder will be unlock, then the player will be able for build levels.

Connect 4 Bugs

Getting experience with unity

This is a puzzle game oriented to connect things in row. You must connect 4 bugs in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line for to get win. Connect 4 bugs is based in the classical game 4 in a row (Captain Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Fourplay). However, we add different modes to unlock the cells, several challenges and achievements. In other words, we have updated the classic 4 in a row with a fun look and responsive designed for Android that will keep you playing for hours.

Triqui Multi Player

A classic well done

It takes advantage of Google Games Services for implement a multiplayer version of the classical tic tac toe game. It includes several modes: real-time multiplayer, timebot, single player and several robots as opponents. The game includes leader board and achievements accord to level of player.