Qcards is an application for mobile devices that allows us to interchange contact information in a easy and fast way. It is similar to a business card, nonetheless, Qcards gives a step beyond to share the information in a digital, compact, dynamic and elegant way. Contact details are encapsulated in what we have called a Qcard. It includes information such as: phone number, e-mail, web site, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, etc... A Qcard can be sent to a receiver through a social network, e-mail or directly using NFC technology. In case you are a Qcards user, you can store groups or simply remove the received Qcards. Otherwise, its content can be visualized on a browser by clicking on the link associated to the Qcard.

You can download and test the beta version of Qcards

ANA Android Client

The Android client ANA allow to visitors of Hacking Habitat connect to Autonomous Network Architecture in order to exchange information freely, anonymously and without Internet . The people in Hacking Habitat exhibition can post messages about the art works in real time through the application. The whole Autonomous Network Architecture ANA is a project by Van Leeuwen brothers and it is being tested during the Hacking Habitat exhibition and is an independent research project supported by the SIDN fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

The ANA Client is available in in Google Play, however, for get full features it is necessary to be in the Hacking Habitat exhibition. Check ANA Client in Google Play