The Lates Apps


BoxelBot is a cute, small, fun and angry robot that lives in a world made of box elements... read more

Connect 4

This is a puzzle game oriented to connect things in row. You must connect 4... read more


Collect and exchange public contact information with Qcards. It application for mobile ... read more

ANA Client

The Android client ANA allow to visitors of Hacking Habitat connect to Autonomous ... read more

What I Do?

I am involved in the analysis, architecture, development, publishing, maintenance and monetization of my own Android apps. But also, provide these services to entrepreneurs, startups and companies. It’s not always possible to develop an Android app in house; so we can help you to create your successful app.

Developing Modern Apps

As developer and publisher I have got great experience in Android and Google mobile technologies. However, mobile technologies progress faster, for this reason I am worried for invest constantly in R+D and acquire new technical skills. It allows us to develop modern applications with the best user experience. In addition to optimizing resources, reducing costs and maintenance efforts.

The Mobile Cloud Backend

The applications with features as push notifications, data storage, authentication, and user management require a backend, traditionally implemented on a dedicated server. The new solution takes advantage of cloud mobile backend, developing it with the best of Google’s ecosystem. In consequence, there are no servers for you to provision or maintain, the application will scale automatically in response to the amount of traffic it receives.